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"The Secret Sauce that generates the highest income payouts on the planet!"

"Planning Your Descent"

"Thanksgiving Blessings to You and Your Family!"

"Masters of Deception"

"The Marshmallow Experiment"

"No Pain. Just Gain."

"The Retirement RED Zone!"

"Bad Ideas (Part 2)"

"Poker Chips and Paper Losses"

"Your Equifax Defense Strategy"

"Wake UP!"

"Rewire Your Brain to Win."

"Your Greatest Fraud Risk"

"Dumb Advice and Bad Habits"


"The 8th Wonder of the World"

"The (Not So) Safe 4% Rule"


"Index Annuities were built for times like these!"

"The REAL Mathematics of Loss"

"Secret Habits of the Millionaire Next Door"

"Ken Fisher? UGH! You've got to be KIDDING me!"

"Destroy Your Debit Cards!"

"Gold? No Thanks"

"Avoiding RMD Traps"


"What's Better, Pension or Lump-Sum?"

"The Best Way to Help a Grandchild"

"What keeps you up at night?"

"Winning the Retirement Planning Guessing Gaming"

"Stock Market Prophecy"

"Helpers and Hustlers"


"How NEGATIVE Dollar-Cost-Averaging Can Destroy a Retirement"

"Conflicts of Interest"

"How Safe are Insurance Companies?"

"You Get What You DON'T Pay For."

"How Bernie Made-Off With $50 Billion!"

"The Greatest Mathematical Discovery of All Time!"

"Feeling Lucky Again?"

"The Truth About Taxes"



"Russian Roulette and Pascal's Wager"

"I HATE Investment Fees. And You Should Too!"

"Are Index Annuities Too Good to be True?"

"How Safe is Your Money?"


"10 Keys to Success in 2017"

"Are Time Shares a Good Investment?"

"Guaranteed Tax-FREE Lifetime Income"

"When Does a Roth IRA Make Sense?"

"CD Maturing? How About 3.10%?"

"Avoiding Your Personal Fiscal Cliff"

"Don't Say I Didn't Warn You."

"Easy-Money Addiction"

"The Effects of Higher Interest Rates on Stocks and Bonds"

"Control From the Grave"

"Trading Security Risk for Guaranteed Security"

"Don't Pay Off Your Mortgage?"

"Beating Investors and Advisors is Easy."

"Hot Tip of the Week!"

"Killer Fees"

"Why Pay People to Gamble With Your Money?"

"Why Do Most Investors Fail?"

"Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste"

"Buy and Hold (and other examples of financial insanity)"

"Turning RMD Lemons into Lemonade"

"Winning the Social Security Game"

"Your Money and Your Brain"

"Buy & Hope" is Not a Strategy

"My Beef with Variable Annuities"

"Who Needs Luck?"

"Why Haven't I Heard of This Before?"

"Your Broker Can't Beat a Blindfolded Monkey!"

"Stop Gambling. Start Investing."

"Cash Flow Conundrum"

"Everything will be fine. Until it isn't."

"Warning: Adult (Economic) Content"

"Longevity Risk 101"

"Has the Market Really Recovered?"

"Play Money and Sucker Bets"

"The Road to Financial Slavery"

"Roth IRA Math: The Numbers Don't Lie."

"Eliminating Your Number One Risk in Retirement"

"Safety Net, Anyone?"

"The Death of Social Security?"

"The Canary in the Coal Mine"

"Suggested Resolutions for 2016"

"Market Volatility and Hospital Admissions?"

"Take the Gambling Out of Investing"

"Why Index Annuities are Super-Safe"

"Secrets to Maximizing Social Security"

"Retirement Nightmare"

"A Lesson from Warren Buffett"

"Disturbing Questions"

"Financial Landmines"


"No Sweat"

"SAFETY: A Perfect Record"

"Free Money for Divorced Couples"

"Famous Last Words"

"(Slightly Annoying) Question of the Week"

"IRA Mistake #3"

"Roth IRA on Steroids"

"Greed vs. Fear"

"Get Rich Safely."

"Goldilocks Investing"

"Financial Stability in an Unstable World"

"Are You Prepared for a Market Crash?"

"The Joys of Contractual Guarantees!"

"Warning: The Sky is Falling"

"I'm Excited About YOUR Future!"


"Train Wreck or Gravy Train?"

"Who Stole Our Retirement?"

"Roth IRA Secret (Revealed)"

"8% Guaranteed"

"Index Annuities: Made for times like these!"

"Your Broker Does NOT Want You to Read This!"

"Turning Lemons into Lemonade"

"A New (and Safer) Way of Thinking"

"True Wealth"


"The Secret Living Benefits of Life Insurance"

"10.07% Tax-Free (Without a Crystal Ball)"

"Lazy Money, Get to Work!"

"How Did We Get in This Mess?" 

"The Last Great Tax Shelter?"

"Enemies of Your Wealth (Part One)"

"Question (and Answer) of the Week!"

"Investing Without Risk"

"Tax-FREE is Better"

"How to Squeeze Every Last Dime Out of Social Security"

"The Annuity Rush is On."

"Creating a Money-Machine"