"Mark, you are spectacular, both as an expert and as a passionate speaker in the areas of personal finance and retirement success. Thank you so much for this exceptional opportunity to rethink my financial future. You should seriously consider putting your valuable knowledge into a book!" 
- Professor Jerzy Sarosiek, MD, PhD, AGAF, FACG

"Knowledge is golden in our lives. The Bible tells us to seek after wisdom and knowledge. This is where you, Mr. Goldstein, leave all the other advisors in the dust. Each time we meet, we walk away feeling as if we just met with a father figure who is truly interested in teaching us!

Thank you so very much for educating us and treating us so respectfully. I am eternally grateful for having had the pleasure to meet you! You are an awesome individual and you possess knowledge and wisdom our world needs!"
- Coach Kevin Hood

"The one thing I will always be grateful for is having Jesus Christ in my life to guide me. There's always someone He puts in my life who cares. Mark, you really care about the people you do business with and I consider myself very blessed to have met you and to have listened to your financial recommendations. Thank you so much for caring." - Felix McNair, Jr.

"Mark, we want to say how very thankful we are that you have been placed in our lives. Not only do we so appreciate your expertise and guidance, but we also are grateful for your transparency and generosity. You have blessed us BIG time in the area of finance. We can see also, in your wisdom, that our children and grandchildren will be blessed in their future by your expertise now, in the present. With great thanks for the blessing you and Maria are." - Bruce and Nancy Carlson

"It is reassuring to know that I'm always being advised with my best interest in mind. I've got Mark!!!" - Rosario Pecoraro

"I can see why you are so successful, Mark. When I talk with you it's authentic. I can tell. You're a good listener. I could go on and on but what says it best is... I'm a BIG FAN of yours. I took your lead, I trusted you, and was not disappointed. Again, I thank you for everything and greatly appreciate your financial expertise." - Arthur Wittert

"Thank you, Mark!  You spent the time that was necessary to educate, inspire and motivate me at a time I needed it the most!  May God bless you as much as you have blessed others!” - Mary Moe

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU, Mark, for the late hours that some of us clients create for you. THANKS for doing that for me. It speaks to your character as a businessman. May it be returned to you many-fold! I appreciate working with you and being able to have such confidence in your expertise!" - Delores Garcia

"Thank you so much for the wonderful returns we've been receiving! We are truly blessed to have you taking care of our money." - Ramon and Marisela Juarez

"Hi, Mark. Just wanted to let you know how awesome you are! Thank you for taking such great care of me! I'm so grateful to my cousin for introducing us to you!" - Cira Giovenco

"Thank you, Mark, for all the ways you make me think and for always having our best interests at heart. I always pass on your emails to my friends." - Keli Adams

"As always, you have brightened up our lives in so many ways. We love and appreciate you with all our hearts!" - Fred and Linda Epstein

Caryl and I are able to sleep well at night since our paths crossed almost two years ago. Thank you, Mark, once again for your guidance. Having experienced the 2008 financial crisis, we feel badly for those getting hurt in this latest downswing. - Jesus Trejo

Thank you, Mark, for coming into my life with all your financial knowledge. God bless you. - Bonnie Gonzalez

Here's what independent insurance agents and advisors say about Mark Goldstein, CFP...

"It is a privilege to have Mark as a mentor. Not only is Mark a marketing genius, he has a driving passion to ensure that his agents have every resource for success in their toolbox. Mark has inspired me to think bigger and expand my business in new ways." - Martin Boonzaayer

“There is no question that you have assembled the finest salesforce I've ever been part of in my 35 years in the insurance business, and it's all a result of your leadership.  I am proud to be part of your winning organization." - Burton Tivers

"You never cease to amaze me, Mark! You are truly on your game and I am privileged to be on your team.  Thanks, again, for allowing me to be next to a winner. I appreciate your friendship and mentorship." - Mark Lyon

“The level of mastery of this business and the dedication to training, support and leadership surpass anything I have seen in my 40 years in sales and marketing.  Also, your ability and your passionate desire to help your agents and their clients to win by providing us with the most comprehensive and competitive insurance protection plans available in the market today, is thrilling and inspiring!” - William Cardy

"Brilliant thinker, philosopher, businessman, observer/prober of the American psyche and all-round entertainer with a heart of gold.  If you retire, Tussauds will have to make a place for you! You're a great man." - Robert Martlin

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be mentored by the best in the business!” - Martin Boonzaayer

“Thanks so much for all that you do. I learn so much from you and appreciate your motivating, helping, pushing, and constant teaching.” - Heidi Fishman

“I just wanted to thank you for the many blessings I have as a result of my association with your organization. I have a career with integrity and great financial rewards, because I chose to listen to what you had to say to me.” - Randy McCallister

“I appreciate the opportunity to be part of your organization and feel fortunate to have started my insurance career with you.  I don't have to worry about compromising my integrity or beliefs.  My knowledge of the insurance business and ability to go out with confidence and do the right thing for my clients is due to your world-class training.” - Nicole Slattery

“Thank you again for all that you have done to help me succeed!  The level of support and encouragement has helped me tremendously and I'm thankful to be part of your great organization.  Clearly, I'm headed in the right direction!” - Butch Zemar

“Your generosity is always amazing and greatly appreciated.  I am so fortunate and blessed to be part of such an amazing team!  Also, thank you for all of your support and encouragement. You always cover all of the bases beautifully.  You are truly a class act.  Thanks a million!” - Debra Hicks

“After attending your presentation, I was so impressed.  You are, and always will be, the best!” - Lida Petrasz

“I most definitely appreciate your knowledge, vision and the no-nonsense style that refuses to accept denial, foolishness or self-pity.  Thank you for having made me a better agent.” - Richard Marks

“Without your training, support and kindness throughout the years, I wouldn't be doing so well today. Thank you for everything!” - Bonnie Daebel

“Mark, the performance of a team is a reflection of its leader and you're the best.  I'm so proud to be a part of your team!  You are a true leader and a loyal friend and I feel blessed that our paths crossed. You truly inspire me and I look forward to many, many successful years together.” - Elaine Wilkens

“Thank you for being such a great motivator and inspiring everyone to be the best that they can be in this industry.  Your honesty and sense of humor are really evident and I know that everyone appreciates it.” - Rebecca Pister

“You are a wonderful leader and mentor and I have been a fan of yours from the first moment we spoke. There are just a few quality individuals whom I consider to be my mentors and teachers, and you are certainly on that short list. I appreciate the lessons I've learned from you. Thank you!” - Tiger Shahid

“Thanks for being a great leader, trainer and motivator. I look forward to a long and successful career on your awesome team.” - David Hampton

“Thank you for everything you have done for me. You have definitely gone out of your way in teaching me to be successful in this business. The knowledge that you have shared with me is truly priceless.” - John Grinberg

“Thanks for all your encouragement.  The decision to "plant my flag" with you was an easy one.  With your system, I'm able to generate immediate results, lifestyle and long-term residual income.  I know that with your leadership, I will win in this business.” - Glenn Smith

“I am really, really impressed with your knowledge of the business and all of the successful and professional agents that you have on your team.  That was an amazing meeting... truly an eye opener, and I can't wait to master all of your cutting-edge concepts.  I am extremely proud to be associated with your agency!” - Cheri Spalo

“It meant a lot to see how much you care about your team, and how much you want everyone to succeed.  I can see a "family" atmosphere being generated and I'm proud to be part of it. I greatly appreciate what you have done to get me started.” - Ed Cortez

“Thanks, Mark!  You remind me of my old baseball days when a winning manager inspired everybody on the team to reach their maximum potential.” - Blane Layton

“I’ve been in business for 18 years and haven’t found a program that even comes close to yours.  Anyone considering a career move would be wise to join your organization!” - Steven Beasley